Lourdes García

Before knowing this opportunity Lourdes was a housewife and mother of two children aged three and one-half years and I worked in the pharmaceutical industry and technical instrumentation. Our dreams were to get "something" to help us financially and to help me improve health, because he was suffering from inflammation in the nervous and muscular system, which restricted the movement me pain. The doctors said my condition was degenerative, he had no cure.

At that time we were very badly from the financial standpoint, we could not work, and Lourdes had the burden on his shoulders to watch the kids and me. Debts piled up to the point of almost losing car, home and not having enough to eat. As parents our main concern was to give a good education for our children, share with them any longer, have a lifestyle different from the ordinary. But, how do we do?

We ask God to help us out of this situation. The next day we called a friend of Lourdes and speaks of a product for the immune system that could help me and who was also a good business opportunity. On 29 October 2000, we signed our contract and begin this exciting adventure in search of our dreams. In two months I was better and begin to share with others this great testimony. Having no experience in network marketing we are led by our mentor, Dr. Herminio Nevarez, who would take us appreciate the hand to become industry professionals.

I remember we were amazed at how quickly the product works with the compensation plan and it was a highly productive industry, plus we were in the trend that will dominate the next decades in the industry. We kept the practice business plan, making sense of urgency. Did not stop reading books, listening to the cd and tools directed and excite us become better leaders.

By working directly with Dr. Nevarez, we were watching as was structuring and developing the educational system in its different parts, which allowed us to understand in depth and to help others. During this process we made it to leadership positions within our organization, following the steps described our system for duplication and experiencing the different stages of personal growth, spiritual and professional. That is why we say we have a system of integral development for anyone who wants to make this lifestyle opportunity.

We are proud and happy to help others through such an opportunity. We invite you to follow what you feel in your heart and makes this project part of your life. Give all your passion and have the willingness to enter into a process of radical transformation. Go with the magic of the system and in the coming years will see the results of that effort.

We thank all members who are part of the growth of our organizations and we encourage you to continue to persevere and keep their dreams alive in their hearts, to the best of you to leave your legacy to future generations. We are committed to take steps to keep planting this seed in the hearts of millions of people who have not yet made it to help them change their lives and with them the world.