Dr. Herminio and Yadira Nevárez

In 1992 I first talked about Network Marketing, and since then I knew it was the opportunity to achieve financial independence. At that time I was working long routines, Monday to Saturday from morning until night. As a veterinarian I earned a good income but had no freedom. I dreamed of being free, having time and money to enjoy life. Today the dreams have come true. We have a debt free life, a life of freedom, where we have time to travel, to share with our children and friends, as well as all persons who have engaged with us in the business.

Prior to joining this great opportunity, I participated in several network marketing companies in search of freedom; it was not the result I expected. 4Life for me, was like being reborn, it was the company I was looking for. So I started sharing the opportunity of using the same techniques that had previously failed.

Industry experience taught me if I wanted to achieve positive results, I not only needed a good company and a good product but also a good compensation plan. It takes two determining factors for success in Network Marketing: An Educational System and Equipment. Thus the need to create an educational system to provide the knowledge needed to build a strong stable and productive network, with this system you can create a team with a business philosophy and mission: Changing Lives''.'' This team, International Networkers Team, has become the fastest growing team within the Network Marketing Industry. Three persons were presented this opportunity initially, now it has become an organization of thousands of people around the world. One of the reasons that made this organization grew so quickly is teamwork, because in the International Networkers Team are brothers, friends, and finally a big family. I would say that 4Life is more than a business, it has become a lifestyle.

Yadira: ''What really has value in this opportunity is to see how the lives of people are changing, both economic and personal growth. The satisfaction you feel to see these people succeed is something that can not be bought with a credit card. It's an experience to be lived so that it can be understood''

One of the things I've learned in the process of education is that any person who believes, willing to fight and have the courage to go in pursuit of their dreams they can come true. You can take control of your life. Do not let others and or life circumstances make decisions for you. Never abandon your dreams. We have the best opportunity ever known and the best equipment, to make your dreams come true. That team is called International Networkers Team. Come forward, the future is very bright for all. There is much growth in the years ahead. We still have much to do ...

''God is with you along the path that leads to success and happiness. Trust Him.''