Juan and Damaris Rosado

As a child I dreamed of doing great things, I wanted to be successful, but I never prepared at school, only got to ninth grade. How can I find a good income with a 9th grade education? I worked hard for a long time in different places, but the income never matched the lifestyle that I wanted to live, but I still didn’t give up working. The last job I had was a security guard. In this job I spent many hours working, thinking I could get more, but all jobs have a linear and limited income just working for someone else. I could never achieve my dreams and things I had longed for, but I stayed hoping to find an opportunity that was the vehicle for us to have control of our destiny.

My life changed forever, when Dr. Herminio Nevarez called me and asked: "Juan, do you still have dreams? I replied yes, that thought has never left my system; it was like taking a child to the candy store and asks if you want to eat sweets. I was wishing ardently for an opportunity just as the child wants candy. I was desperate to find something that actually works and that was 4Life, a serious and well-managed company, with products that are making history in science and a tremendous compensation plan. All that was missing was something Dr. Nevarez, with experience in network marketing industry decided to create, a system to educate people on how to become professionals in network marketing.

In a few years I have transformed my life, but even more, this system is so simple and easy it has been able to transform thousands and millions of people around the world, to lead a purposeful life filled with hopes and dreams, dreams that are real. This is not a myth it is the reality and connecting to this system will allow such. Now I am living with my wife and my three daughters Damaris Marianny, and Briany Aracelis Rosado. They are enjoying the lifestyle that this opportunity offers. I thank God for this blessing and Dr. Nevarez and his family for being an example for me and my family.

I invite you to become part of the family 4Life.