Ángel and Ivelisse Molina

In the year 2002 I was working in the warehouse of a company in Puerto Rico, I was a simple store clerk, carrying boxes. My wife and I had only one car, we lived in a basement and we were financially drowning, until I reached a point of frustration and tiredness that I remember in tears asking God to please put an opportunity in my way.

At the moment I least expected my friend Juan Rosado offers me a tremendous opportunity. I talked with my wife and she decided to support me. We began this new day of our lives. The results were immediate; we soon achieved our goals as a result of having been guided by the Educational System of the International Networkers Team.

Without a doubt, our lifestyle is very different. If it were not for God and the system I could not have made it. Today my wife and I are retired, have a wonderful lifestyle, we have the house we dreamed of, the cars we wanted and more importantly we can spend our time on what we like to do, which is taking control, something definitely what could not do before, today we can. Take the opportunity you too!