Fundadores International Networkers Team

Herminio and Yadira Nevarez.

From Corozal, Puerto Rico. In the year 2000, Herminio and Yadira took a decision that changed the course of their lives forever, like that of thousands of people worldwide. Herminio Nevarez, a veterinarian by profession, worked long hours in his veterinary practice, which prevented him from enjoying family life. Determined to make a radical change in his life, he decides to become a veterinary professional in network marketing. Yadira joined him in the decision and undertook this journey to success.

In time they refined and expanded the vision, and saw the need for this opportunity to reach everyone who needs it. With the experience in network marketing and the support of a great team, this led to the design an educational system that is simple and easy to follow, simplifying the initiation of many entrepreneurs in the industry. Along with the educational system signaled the birth of the International Networkers Team, an organization based on equality, freedom, love and gratitude, principles that guide all actions and decisions of our founders.

Herminio and Yadira are genuine people of great heart and humility. They commitment to those who have joined the International Networkers Team is endless. You always can see them actively participating in and supporting the team anywhere in the world.

Facts about our Founders

Dependents: Yadier, and Yasset Yeiniz, its greatest blessing and source of pride.

Herminio’s father is Mr. Herminio Nevarez. He has two sisters, Doris and Nydia and his brother Hector.

Yadira’s mother is Mrs. Ramona Olivo. She has five sisters: Fior, Mercedes, France, Olga, Betty and Angela and her brother Francisco.

They enjoy family togetherness.

Love to share with family and travel.

Herminio enjoys reading and writing.

Yadira enjoys reading, shopping and participating in all activities of their children.

Many know it as "Soccer Mom."

Both have a healthy life and love to exercise.

Thanks to the opportunity of 4Life, have traveled almost around the world, because they enjoy freedom of time and money to do so.

They actively participate in the endeavors of Foundation 4Life.

They are a perfect team.