• Dr. Herminio Nevarez decides to join the 4Life opportunity. They had a good reputation within the industry of Network Marketing. 4Life celebrates and welcomes you with open doors.
  • Dr. Herminio begins to develop the opportunity while working as a veterinarian in his town (Corozal, Puerto Rico).
  • The opportunity is presented to many people, including Platinum International Diamond Juan Rosado and Gold International Diamond Rafaela Santiago.
  • Consequently leaders joined who then impacted on the history of our team.
  • The first LP Center is established at the home of Dr. Herminio Nevarez. This is the time that his wife Yadira Olivo saw the potential in the opportunity and decided to help her husband by organizing the Corozal 4Life store.
  • All the work focused initially on presenting the opportunity in the home. But then there was a need for a central meeting so that guests could see the greatness of the opportunity.
  • Dr. Herminio Nevarez organized the first 4Life central meetings in Puerto Rico and all the leaders contributed equally to pay for the place where they met (Hotel Pierre in San Juan, Puerto Rico). This initiated the development of the model for the central conference.
  • Begin to develop the business in the Dominican Republic.