• The work of Dr. Herminio Nevarez identifies the need to establish a method to serve as a simple duplicable model to teach all people how to become professionals in Network Marketing.
  • The first draft is made of what would later become the Guide to Success. This draft was so small it could fit in the pocket of a person, its intention was that leaders had at all times in hand the instructions on how to develop the opportunity.
  • Dr. Nevarez also identifies the need for different lines, "crossline" team work for both personal benefit and to the leaders, since the organization was growing and he could not work with each one individually.
  • Juan Rose was the first retailer to officially retire from work to devote 100% of his time to the business. In December of that year they celebrated together in the central meeting of the Hotel Pierre with Juan Rosado.
  • 4Life holds its first convention. This convention was attended by three members of INT, Herminio Nevarez, Juan Rosado and Ivan Rodriguez.
  • International Networkers Team was officially about to be born.